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Filter Design / Antenna Design / EM Simulation

Upcoming Training Classes

April 8 - 12, 2019  Corendon Village Hotel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Continuing Education Institute    www.cei.se

​​#31  High Q Cavity Filters and Multiplexers​​
Chebyshev and cross-coupled cavity combline filters are the preferred technology when high performance and relatively low cost filtering is required. Learn EM simulation and unique optimization methods that are keys to rapid, successful design. (3 day class)

#30  PCB Filters and Multiplexers Using Standard SMT Components
Design inexpensive, custom filters for your system that are directly integrated into the PCB environment. Discover the most useful topologies as well as techniques to overcome a limited standard parts library. (2 day class)


https://www.cei.se/course-030-pcb-filters-and-multiplexers-using-standard-smt-components-group.html ​​

These classes are going forward.
Registering for both classes is not a requirement.

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