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Filter Design / Antenna Design / EM Simulation
These tutorials cover various aspects of RF / microwave filter design and EM simulation techniques. More advanced training is available from DGS Associates.
Design flow for high Q cavity combline filters based on the Dishal K & Q method with port tuning and equal ripple optimization.​ This design flow can be expanded to include cross-couplings. Webinar sponsored by ANSYS and hosted by Microwave Journal, April 23, 2017.​ ​​
Narrowband Combline Filter Design With ANSYS HFSS​​​
Design flow for a microstrip combline filter based on the Dishal K & Q method with port tuning and equal ripple optimization. The same design flow can be applied to other microstrip filter topologies. Webinar sponsored by NI AWR and hosted by Microwave Journal, June 24, 2015.
Narrowband Microstrip Filter Design
With NI AWR Microwave Office​​​

This work builds on the previous tutorial and adds a cross-coupling to a microstrip combline filter. The cross-coupling is realized using optimization and without resorting to any synthesis. Webinar sponsored by Sonnet Software and hosted by Microwave Journal, August 2, 2017. ​​ ​​
Microstrip Cross-Coupled Filter Design With Sonnet em​​​
Optimization of a cavity combline filter using a "calibrated" port tuning process. Tuning and coupling screws lengths are optimized until we find a nearly perfect equal ripple response. The moving mesh feature in CST Microwave Studio is a key feature in this process. ​​ ​​
Filter Optimization with Port Tuning and CST MWS Moving Mesh​​
Optimization of a microstrip folded hairpin filter using a "calibrated" port tuning process. Some comments on EM simulation of planar filters using Method of Moments solvers are also included.
Port Tuning a Microstrip
Folded Hairpin Filter

This analysis is taken from the two day class on PCB FIlters and Multiplexers Using SMT Components. It highlights some important concepts for turning a lumped prototype into an SMT based filter. It also features the CLR library from Modelithics.
Cauer-Cheby Elliptic SMT Filters
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